Let's talk all things 1:1 Little Llamas Portraits!

Y'all, this is a sibling session from start to finish. Warp speed.

Yes, I sped it up...but you get the idea! We have a good time, giggle, act like fools, and best of all? Mama llama, you get a gallery of at least 10 amazing photos of each kids' personalities where you will choose your 3 favorites to hang on the wall. And, if 3 photos just isn't enough, you'll. have the option to upgrade your collection to get all the photos! 

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You will receive a gallery of at least 10 high resolution images of pure cuteness with your choice of 3 image download per kiddo* 
(because I know you will want more 😉..you will be able to upgrade to more after you see all your photos)


Come to my private photo studio at your scheduled time. We play, laugh and have a blast. In & out in 10 minutes...your little llamas wont know what hit them, #winning


Simply choose a 1:1 session and select the date and time that works best for you and your kids. Booking fee is $199, with each additional sibling 1/2 off ($99).


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A: Let your kiddo do his own hair. He may look like he used legos to brush his hair, but his confidence is exploding. You’ll reminisce about the silly faces. And the terrible smile phases. All the outfits that she demanded she get to put together. And the phase when the batman mask just would not come off his little head.  Those are the treasure moments. All the real real moments. Lets capture those. They are fleeting. But they are bursting at the seams with real life sweetness. 

Q: What should my kids wear?

A: If you are attending a friend's portrait party, your first child is $199 and each additional child is $99. 

All sessions include 3 high resolution digital image download per kiddo and because I know you will want more 😉..you will be able to upgrade to more after you see all your photos)

Q: What's the cost?

A: No. Invite as many or as few as you would like. If you would like your kiddo's portraits for FREE, 11 additional kiddos will need to show up. Other than that, there are no restrictions or minimums. 

But seriously, play dates are fun. It brings out even more personality from the kiddos. So, lets do a play date personality shoot. The moms all hang, the kids all hang, and i will pull one kiddo at a time & snap away. This is like the “sneak attack photo shoot.” they barely even know it happened. Its fun for all, and still super simple. 

Q: So, If i host a party, is there a minium number of kids needed?

A: In ten minutes or less, I will capture the essence of your child. Simply through asking questions, leading conversation, and snapping away. The expressions. The personality. The little quirks that make your child exactly who she is will be freeze framed forever. 

No posing. No staging. No do-overs. Just simple, organic, reality. Literally. This is a no fuss photo shoot.

Q: How do you get all those cute faces? what can i expect?

A: Yes. If you ask, I will always try. Group photos will be included in your gallery and digital files can be purchased separately.

Q: Can you get a photo my kids together?

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